"Disastrous...for the state"

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Newspapers across Indiana on Richard Mourdock’s my way or the highway approach to politics. 

“It was clear even before the latest controversy that Donnelly was better prepared.”  Indianapolis Star.

“Extremist” says the Courier Journal

Mourdock calls Medicare and social security unconstitutional.

“Disastrous… for the state” says the  Indianapolis Star. 

On jobs, Mourdock says he “didn't take a pledge that I would support every job in Indiana.”

“Mourdock has repeatedly opposed working with the other political side” says the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

For eliminating the Department of Education, deep cuts to veterans. 

“Troubling and strictly partisan” says the Lafayette Journal and Courier.

More gridlock, more partisanship, more confrontation.

Indiana can do better.



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