Donnelly announces specialized job training proposal

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Manufacturing companies say one of the biggest challenges they have is finding workers trained to run and troubleshoot their modern machinery. On Monday, Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly announced a proposal right now on Capitol Hill to change that.

It is designed to target more federal money at specialized training for jobs in high demand.

At Schafer Gear Works in south bend, they would love to hire more people. The company president, Bipin Doshi, says he just can't seem to find people with high tech skills to do the job.

"I tell our HR managers that if you find a skilled employee, whether or not we're opening, hire them because we need them,” said Doshi.

Hard to imagine? Donnelly says ‘Believe it.’

"We've seen our employers requiring more and more skills all the time," said Donnelly.

So in Congress right now is a proposal that — according to Donnelly — has bi-partisan support  to direct federal funding to the specific job training that manufacturing companies say they need.

"We're targeting those areas that are showing employment is available,” Donnelly said. “So it won't be in places where nothing is growing, where nothing is moving forward. It will go directly to where the jobs are being created."

Money for training programs at Ivy Tech community college — like orthopedics, advanced manufacturing, and nanotechnology.

"This is the type of funding that our students need, that the program needs to grow and become strong. And then, in turn, the community needs so that the community can become strong,"

If passed, the funding would go to pay for new programs, add faculty, and help students with financial aid. And Donnelly says the money would be redirected from other programs that aren't in high demand, so it wouldn't add to the deficit.

This, by the way, was Donnelly's first visit to South Bend since announcing last week he hsd decided to run for Richard Lugar's seat in the Senate.

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By Dustin Grove 




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