Donnelly Calls for Opening SPR while Lugar Supports Raising Gas Tax

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Indianapolis, Ind. -- As gas prices in Indiana passed $4.00 per gallon this week, Congressman Joe Donnelly sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). In the letter, he also expressed his support for cracking down on those oil speculators who artificially inflate the price of gas. Donnelly additionally expressed his support for expanding drilling and exploration efforts in the U.S.

“I sent a letter asking President Obama to open up the SPR because Hoosier families need relief at the pump,” said Donnelly. “Presidents Obama and Bush have used this tactic before to lower gas prices, and I believe it is a necessary step to see lower prices quickly. I also think we need to simultaneously crack down on those oil speculators’ efforts to make a profit on the backs of working families. Additionally, we need to expand drilling and exploration efforts in the U.S. so we can keep our hard-earned money here at home. What I don’t understand is Senator Lugar’s support for increasing the gas tax--as much as one dollar per gallon. At a time when too many families continue to struggle to make ends meet, I think we should be working to lower gas prices, not raise them.”

To read a copy of Donnelly’s letter to President Obama, click here. To read a copy of Senator Lugar’s op-ed in the Washington Post calling for an increase in the gas tax, click here.



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