Donnelly Campaign: Karl Rove, Billionaire Backers Trying to Buy Indiana’s Senate Seat

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly’s campaign responded to Karl Rove and his secret funders at Crossroads GPS yet again misleading voters about Donnelly’s record to try in their effort to buy a U.S. Senate seat.  

“Karl Rove and his shady, billionaire backers are trying to buy Indiana's U.S. Senate seat,” said Elizabeth Shappell, communications director.  “Listen to Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock to understand what’s wrong with Washington.  He says, ‘to me the highlight of politics, frankly, is to inflict my opinion on someone else.’  Hoosier common sense says that the highlight of politics is getting things done – that’s what Joe Donnelly is about.  He'll reach across party lines to pass a balanced budget amendment, lower the debt, and create jobs.”


In 2010, groups similar to and including Crossroads GPS spent over $2 million in negative advertising against Donnelly in his reelection bid to the U.S. House of Representatives.  Joe withstood this barrage of outside money and an electoral wave not seen in more than sixty years to win reelection in Indiana’s Second Congressional District.  



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The Mourdock Record

Since Joe Donnelly went to Washington, America's debt has increased $3.5 billion per day - up $7 trillion in less than six years.  

Joe Donnelly is for balancing the budget and reducing our debt by cutting spending and closing corporate loopholes like tax breaks for oil companies and companies that outsource jobs.  [S 627, Vote #676, 7/29/11; Congressional Documents and Publications, 5/17/11;    HR 5982, Vote #514, 7/30/10; HR 1586, Vote #518, 8/10/10]

Richard Mourdock has a my way or the highway approach to politics that will make him ineffective when it comes to creating cutting spending. In fact, after the primary against Richard Lugar, Mourdock

bragged about his approach, saying, "The highlight of politics is to inflict [his] opinion on someone else." [Washington Post, 5/11/12]


Richard Mourdock supports budget policies that put millionaires and corporations above seniors and middle class families. Mourdock's plan would devastate Social Security and Medicare, cutting more than 12 billion dollars from these programs, and cost thousands of Indiana jobs while continuing special tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and big oil companies.  [House Republican Study Committee Website, accessed 7/15/11; Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 7/16/11; Scripps Howard News Service Editorial, 7/5/11]

How? Donnelly has voted for trillions of Barack Obama's wasteful spending.

Donnelly has consistently voted against Obama-Democratic budgets. [H Con Res 34, Vote #276, 4/15/11; HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09; Public Law 111-008; US Fed News, 3/13/08; HConRes 99, Vote #212, 3/29/07; H Con Res 312, Vote #141, 3/13/08]

Richard Mourdock spent nearly $3 Million of taxpayer money on a lawsuit to force Chrysler to liquidate [News and Tribune, 6/3/12]

For Obama's $1.7 trillion health care law.

Joe Donnelly supports major change to the health care reform bill, while

still making sure health insurance companies cannot deny coverage and prescription drug companies can't price gouge consumers.  Donnelly is independent of President Obama, routinely voting against Obama-Democratic budgets because of overspending. He supports a line item veto, opposes increases in the gas tax, and wants to take tax breaks away from companies that ship jobs overseas. [Kokomo Tribune, 3/13/10;  Fort Wayne News Sentinel, 6/2/12]

Richard Mourdock questions the constitutionality of Medicare and Social Security and wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program to force seniors to pay thousand more in out of pocket costs. He also supports the Cut, Cap and Balance Budget that would force a minimum 25% cut on Social Security and Medicare. [CNHI Indiana, 7/19/11;, accessed 9/28/11; Whitley County Patriots event, 6/7/11;, 7/18/11]

Or his wasteful $1 trillion stimulus.  Donnelly even voted to raise the debt limit four times!  Tell Donnelly, stop spending and cut the debt!  Support the New Majority Agenda at New Majority

Donnelly called the debt limit agreement “far from perfect,” but said the economy depended on it. “This messy process has continued to threaten our economy because too few of my colleagues were willing to seriously negotiate until the last minute,” he said. “Americans deserve better from both sides of the aisle.” [South Bend Tribune, 8/02/11]


The possibility of defaulting on the nation’s obligations and “potentially causing harm to our already-fragile economy,” was “not an option” Donnelly said. [Indianapolis Star, 8/03/11; US Fed News, 8/01/11]

Mourdock Has Advocated For Default, Saying It Would Be A Good Thing. In July 2011, the Northwest Indiana Times published a column by Brian Howey which stated “Asked if allowing a default would be a good thing, as U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Ind., Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. -- who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination -- have all advocated, Daniels said, ‘I disagree with that. Their intentions are good, but I don't think they've thought through the potential consequences to the country.’” When asked what the consequences of default would be, Governor Daniels said, “A giant leap in the interest rate. Probably an end to investment in the country, which probably leads to more lost jobs ... followed by a big increase in the interest rate for the money you've borrowed.’” [Northwest Indiana Times, Brian Howey Commentary, 7/31/11]




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