Donnelly: Hoosier Ag Community Deserves Certainty

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Greenfield, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly, candidate for U.S. Senate, visited the Mohr Family Farm in Greenfield to talk about the unacceptable inaction on the five year farm bill.  TEA Party politicians in the House have prevented the farm bill from coming up for a vote.  The current bill expired yesterday, September 30th.

“The Hoosier ag community deserves the certainty of a five-year farm bill,” said Donnelly.  “TEA Party politicians playing Mourdock-style ‘my way or the highway’ games prevented the bipartisan farm bill from coming up for a vote.  I don’t understand how you can put politics before giving our ag community--which provides our country and the world with food, feed, and energy--the common sense bill they deserve.  I have and will continue to fight on behalf of Indiana’s farmers, rural leaders, and agribusinesses to get this done.  Inaction is not an option.”

The Farm Bill has attracted criticism from Tea Party groups like the Club For Growth, which has spent more than $2 Million against Donnelly and Senator Richard Lugar in an attempt to purchase a Senate seat for their preferred candidate, Richard Mourdock.  Mourdock has remained silent on the Club’s opposition to the bill, and has notably changed his positions in the past in an effort to remain in good standing with the Club.  

Donnelly has been one of the leaders pushing for a vote on the bipartisan farm bill in the House since it passed the House Ag Committee with bipartisan support in July.  



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