Donnelly: Tax Code Should be Flatter, Fairer, Simpler

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly marked Tax Day by announcing his support for a flatter, fairer, and simpler tax code. Earlier this month, Joe unveiled his jobs plan, which includes his support for cutting taxes for Indiana job creators.

“The tax code should be flatter, fairer, and simpler so it works for Hoosier working families, not some on Wall Street,” said Donnelly. “And to create jobs, we must make it easier for Hoosier companies to invest in themselves and their employees. That is why, as part of my jobs plan, I support making the research and development tax credit permanent so Indiana companies have an incentive to keep their R&D efforts here at home. I also think we should give tax breaks to small businesses to upgrade machinery, equipment, and software. Additionally, I think we should provide incentives to companies that in-source rural jobs.”

Donnelly’s campaign released a video highlighting his support for a flatter, fairer, simpler tax code that helps Indiana businesses create jobs.

 Joe Donnelly wants to cut taxes for Indiana job creators

Watch here.

Joe’s full jobs plan is available on his website.



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