Donnelly Visits Main Street Business in Evansville

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Evansville, Ind.-- Joe Donnelly, candidate for U.S. Senate, visited the Kunkel Group on Main Street in Evansville to learn about their efforts to develop several sites in the downtown area.  Donnelly spoke about his common sense plan to help Indiana businesses create Hoosier jobs.

“I’ll take the best ideas from both Democrats and Republicans to put more Hoosiers back to work and strengthen our economy,” said Donnelly.  “No one party has all the answers, which is why I am willing to work with anyone and everyone who wants to help create jobs, lower the debt, and balance the budget.  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to visit the Kunkel Group today to learn about their efforts to revitalized downtown Evansville.  While Richard Mourdock chooses to play Washington political games, I’ll be crisscrossing the state getting the best ideas from Hoosiers in every community as to how we can work together to move our country forward.”

Richard Mourdock once said he “didn’t take a pledge that [he] would support every job in Indiana” and that the “highlight of politics, to [him], is to inflict [his] opinion on others.”



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