Donnelly Visits Senior Community, Discusses Support for Social Security and Medicare

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Joe Donnelly, candidate for U.S. Senate, visited Park Regency Senior Community this morning to participate in a meet and greet with residents.  Donnelly discussed his support for Social Security and Medicare as compared to Richard Mourdock, who questioned the constitutionality of both programs and supports turning Medicare into a voucher system.

“We must protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations,” said Donnelly.  “My opponent has not only questioned the constitutionality of these programs so important to Hoosier seniors--he has also supported turning Medicare into a voucher program, increasing out-of-pocket costs by over $6,000 per year, per senior.  Further, he would gamble with seniors’ Social Security benefits by privatizing the program.  Many seniors who rely on these programs for benefits and health care cannot afford what Mr. Mourdock has proposed.”


Mourdock challenged the constitutionality of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. In April 2011, Mourdock spoke at a Madison Tea Party event and stated, “Sixty percent of our budget, sixty percent of our budget this year, will be for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. I challenge you in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution where those so-called enumerated powers are listed. I challenge you to find words that talk about Medicare or Medicaid or, yes, even Social Security. You know, Article I, Section 8 says the U.S. government shall have the power to tax to pay off its debts, to pay for its defense, and then it says to provide for the general welfare.” [Madison IN Tea Party 4/16/11 event transcription,, accessed 5/20/11]

Mourdock’s Plan Would End Medicare Guarantee...
Mourdock bases his budget on a plan that would dismantle Medicare and instead force seniors to accept vouchers to purchase health care coverage in the private market but says it “doesn’t go far enough.”  Under the Mourdock’s Plan, seniors would pay over $6,000 more a year in health care costs.  [Purdue University Appearance, 3/21/12; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/2011 ; Senate Vote 77, 5/25/11; House Vote 277, 4/15/11, Vote 151, 3/29/12]

...and Increase Out-of-Pocket Costs For Seniors By Over $6,000 Per Year. Experts note that this plan would shift costs to beneficiaries and undermine traditional Medicare while generating few budgetary savings.  [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 12/21/11]

Mourdock Supports Privatizing Social Security, Handing Over Seniors’ Hard-Earned Money to Wall Street. [, accessed 8/13/12]



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