Donnelly Votes Against Ryan Budget

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Indianapolis, Ind. -- Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly, candidate for U.S. Senate, voted against the budget proposal offered by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.

“The Ryan budget favors millionaires over working families,” said Donnelly. “I could not support a budget that provides additional tax breaks to millionaires at the expense of reliable health care for seniors, college tuition assistance for students, and salaries for first responders. We need to address the debt crisis and put together a budget that makes Washington live within its means, and I am ready to work with members of both parties to come to a common-sense solution. However, there is no place in this debate for placing the burden of getting our fiscal house in order on the backs of working families.”

Donnelly is the only candidate in the Indiana U.S. Senate race who opposes Rep. Ryan’s proposal to end the Medicare guarantee. Last year, Sen. Richard Lugar voted in favor of Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal, and Richard Mourdock has expressed his support for the Ryan Plan.

The budget proposal offered by Rep. Ryan passed the House by a vote of to 228 to 191. No Democrats supported the proposal.



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