Donnelly Wins Second Debate of Indiana Senate Race

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Indianapolis, Ind.-- U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly won the second of two debates in the Indiana Senate race tonight as TEA Party candidate Richard Mourdock simply repeated his “my way or the highway” gridlock politics.

“Joe Donnelly won his second debate because he stood for Hoosier common sense,” said Paul Tencher, Donnelly campaign manager. “In his last chance to talk to voters statewide, Richard Mourdock kept up his ‘my way or the highway’ campaign with baseless and careless attacks. Joe Donnelly proved to Hoosiers that he will continue their tradition of Senators like Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh who aren’t limited by their party and work with others. While Joe Donnelly is a true fiscal conservative who will focus on job creation by working across the aisle, Mr. Mourdock proved his disinterest in bipartisanship. Richard Mourdock will gladly continue his Washington Way of inflicting his opinion on others.”



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