Donnelly's Jobs Plan: Put the Needs of Hoosier Middle Class First

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly highlighted the clear choice in the U.S. Senate race when it comes to plans to put Hoosiers to work.

“I won’t stop until every Hoosier who wants a job has a job,” said Donnelly.  “Richard Mourdock said he ‘didn’t take a pledge that [he] would support every job in Indiana.’  I have a plan to help Indiana businesses create Hoosier jobs, and I will continue to talk about that plan to business owners, educators, students, and those looking for work.  We must put the needs of the Hoosier middle class first, and there is a clear choice in this race as to who has the better policies and approach to achieve those needs.”

Some of the many differences include:

Joe Donnelly

Richard Mourdock

Joe Donnelly wants to crack down on the Chinese government’s unfair trade practices that hurt Hoosier manufacturers. 

Richard Mourdock earned the endorsement of the Club for Growth, an organization opposed to curbing Chinese currency manipulation, after changing his position on foreign currency exchange.

Joe Donnelly opposes the unfair trade deals that ship Hoosier jobs overseas.

Richard Mourdock supported NAFTA.

Joe Donnelly wants to eliminate all loopholes that encourage some large corporations to ship jobs overseas. 

Richard Mourdock supports protecting the loopholes that encourage companies to outsource Hoosier jobs.

Joe Donnelly wants to cut taxes for Indiana job creators, including making permanent the research and development tax credit and giving small businesses the ability to write off up to $250,000 in qualified investments in equipment and software.

Richard Mourdock supports a consumption tax--raising taxes on 80% of Hoosiers.

Joe Donnelly wants to fix federal job training programs so they teach the skills Hoosier employers need now. 

Richard Mourdock wants to eliminate the Department of Education, destroying these job training programs completely.

Joe Donnelly fought tooth-and-nail to save the thousands of auto industry-related jobs in Indiana.

Richard Mourdock led the charge to force the liquidation of Chrysler all the way to the Supreme Court, calling it his “Rosa Parks moment."

Read Donnelly’s full jobs plan at



Mourdock On Chrysler Lawsuit: “I Didn't Take A Pledge That I Would Support Every Job In Indiana.” In 2010, reported the Indianapolis Star, “Mourdock counters that he didn't place jobs in jeopardy, because he didn't manage Chrysler into bankruptcy. He said he's received ‘lots of pats on the backs‘ for fighting to protect retirees. ‘I didn't take a pledge that I would support every job in Indiana under whatever means it takes to do it,‘ Mourdock said. ‘The oath I took said I would support the laws of Indiana and support the Constitution of the United States. Constitutional rights for people for which I had a fiduciary responsibility were being violated, and I had no choice to do what I did. I certainly have no regrets.‘“ [Indianapolis Star, 10/19/10]

Richard Mourdock Won the Club for Growth After Shifting Positions on Foreign Currency.  During Richard Mourdock’s first meeting with the Club for Growth which did not go well, “he said he was asked about trade policy with China and the foreign country’s fluctuating currency value. ‘I made a couple comments, and it was just amazing to me, that it was like a line drawn between us at that point,’ he recalled.”  He was granted a second opportunity, and during that meeting, “The two parties got along much better this time around, and Mourdock recalled they even gave him a parting gift: a couple of books on foreign currency exchange.” [Roll Call, May 9, 2012]

Mourdock was endorsed by the Club for Growth, a radical special interest that opposes Chinese currency crackdowns.  Reported The Hill, “The Club for Growth has urged lawmakers to vote no on the bill, warning that the vote will be included in the group’s 2011 Congressional Scorecard, used to measure how fiscally conservative they are. ‘Sherrod Brown’s bill would result in higher costs to American consumers, and would be devastating to economic growth,’ Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement. ‘Starting a trade war with China will have no winners and many losers. The Club for Growth instead urges Congress to pass pro-growth legislation that will reduce the cost of doing business so we can create more jobs here.’” [Politico, 9/29/11]

Mourdock Supported NAFTA. In 1992, reported the Evansville Courier, “The political action committee Farm Bureau ELECT will endorse Mourdock at a 9 a.m. news conference today at the Bumb and Mueller Farm in rural Vanderburgh County, said Tony Wolfe, ELECT's vice chairman. Mourdock's support of the use of ethanol and the North American Free Trade Agreement influenced  ELECT to support him, Wolfe said.” [Evansville Courier, 10/19/92]

Mourdock signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge.  This pledge opposes any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates. [, accessed 5/12/11]

Mourdock Advocated For A National Sales Tax. In June 2011, at a tea party event in Whitley County, Mourdock stated “But if we want to get the economy going again, if we want to be fair, what‘s more fair than a consumption tax that‘s managed in the right way? ...if there‘s a consumption tax, everyone‘s paying the tax, nobody gets to avoid the tax unless you don‘t want to buy stuff. And that‘s your choice. Wait a minute, that‘s your choice. That‘s called liberty isn‘t it? That‘s why I see that as the mode we need to go to.” [Whitley County Patriots event, 6/7/11]                     

Study Found That National Sales Tax would Result in Average Annual Tax Increases of $3,200 a Year Nationwide for Bottom 80% of Taxpayers.In September 2004, a study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found that the implementation of a 30% national sales tax would result in an average increase of $3,200 a year nationwide for taxpayers in the lower 80% of tax brackets. The study alternately described the study as finding that, on average, the 80% of Americans in the middle and lower income ranges would have to pay 51% more in sales taxes than they then paid in federal taxes that a national sales tax would replace. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, “The Effects of Replacing Most Federal Taxes with a National Sales Tax A State-by-State Distributional Analysis,” September 2004]

Richard Mourdock cut more than $5 billion in funding from Indiana students next year.  Mourdock plans to eliminate the Department of Education, cutting more than $5 billion from Indiana schools and students.  [, accessed 5/1/12]

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial Slammed Mourdock For Calling Chrysler Lawsuit His “Rosa Parks Moment.” In July 2009, wrote the editorial board of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “State Treasurer Richard Mourdock continues to insist his ill- fated battle against the Chrysler deal with Fiat was wise public policy, but now he's added an astonishing new justification for it. In an address to the Crown Point Rotary Club on Wednesday, the treasurer said Indiana's challenge on behalf of its pension funds was his ‘Rosa Parks moment. I knew there would be consequences for taking this on.’” [Editorial, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 7/17/09]



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