FACT CHECK: Mourdock Against Indiana Ethanol, Silent on Farm Bill

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Richard Mourdock opposes Indiana ethanol.
In their primary debate, Mourdock accused Senator Richard Lugar of driving up the price of gasoline by supporting Indiana ethanol.  Reported the Huffington Post, “The federal government gave gas refiners a subsidy to add ethanol to their product, but that policy was phased out at the start of 2012. Instead, the federal government now mandates only that the industry add some sort of alternative fuel, which often means ethanol derived from corn.”  The Indiana Corn Growers Association says that in 2010, ethanol lowered the price of the average gallon of gasoline by 89 cents per gallon.  [Huffington Post, 4/12/12; Hoosier Ag Today 4/24/12]

Richard Mourdock took no position on the Farm Bill during the height of this summer’s drought, but Club for Growth and FreedomWorks, his financial backers, have urged Senators to vote “no” on the bill.
Club for Growth has spent almost $520,000 and FreedomWorks $255,000 for Mourdock. Mourdock has changed his positions before to earn the favor of these groups that funded his primary victory.  It is only fair to assume he will do the same here. A vote against the farm bill would be a vote against popular, efficient programs like crop insurance, farm credits, commodity subsidies, rural development.

But Richard Mourdock’s budget would cut $30 billion in farm payments.
And he would do it by reforming and reducing the crop insurance program and reducing fixed payments for farmers, beginning with the next farm bill. [Reuters, 3/20/12]



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