FACT CHECK: Mourdock Is About “My Way or the Highway” Partisanship, Not Principle

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Principle doesn’t:

  • Tell the Indianapolis Star that “I didn’t take a pledge to support every job in Indiana.” [Indianapolis Star, 10/19/10]
  • Say the “highlight” of politics is the chance to “inflict” your opinion on someone else. [Daily Rundown, 5/9/12]
  • Say bipartisanship is Democrats agreeing with Republicans. [Politico, 5/9/12]
  • Argue there’s too much bipartisanship in Washington. [Tea Party Tribune, 8/26/11]
  • Call for “zealots” in the Republican Party. [Delaware and Henry County Straw Poll, tracking transcript, 2/25/12]
  • Tell the Indianapolis Star Editorial Board that if elected into the Senate minority, instead of working for Hoosiers, you’d spend your time campaigning around the country to elect more like-minded members and gain the majority. [Indianapolis Star Editorial Board]
  • Declare “[t]he time for being collegial is past. It’s time for confrontation.” [New York Times, 4/17/12]
  • Compare the auto rescue to slavery. [Evansville Courier & Press, 7/27/12]
  • Compare yourself to Rosa Parks. [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorial, 7/17/09]
  • Change positions in the middle of an editorial board interview. [Elkhart Truth, 10/11/12]
  • Claim Medicare and Social Security may be unconstitutional. [Madison, IN TEA Party Tax Day Protest, 4/16/11]
  • Argue employers can refuse to cover cancer. [News and Tribune, 6/13/12]
  • Endorse a budget that would end Medicare as we know it, increase out-of-pocket costs for Hoosier seniors by as much as $5,900, and send more than 120,000 Hoosier seniors back into the Medicare Part D “donut hole.” [CBO, 3/20/12; CBPP, 3/20/12; Kaiser, 3/21/12; HHS, 3/19/12]
  • Repeatedly deploy the “Lie of the Year” that health care reform is a government takeover of health care. [PolitiFact, 12/16/10]
  • Tout a plan to repeal and replace health care reform that would leave 72 million Americans uninsured by 2022. [TPM, 10/2/12]
  • Give tax cuts to the richest families and increase taxes for middle class families. [JEC, 6/20/12]
  • Slash $5 billion from Hoosier schools and cut Pell Grants by $72 million, making it harder for Indiana families to send their kids to college. [Senate Democrats, 3/2012]
  • Support free trade agreements that send Hoosier jobs overseas. [Denver Post, 10/31/10; Chattanooga Times Free Press, 9/13/08]
  • Cut $11 billion from veterans spending. [Vet Voice, 3/21/12]
  • Almost 20 times refer to the “47%” and implicitly compare half of Americans to slaveowners. [Indy Defenders Of Liberty West TEA Party Event, tracking transcript, 5/23/11]
  • Spend more than $2 million in taxpayer money to threaten the economy and put more than 100,000 Hoosier jobs at risk. [White & Case Receipts, Obtained via Open Records Request; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 6/9/09]

“My Way or the Highway” does.



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