FACT CHECK: Mourdock Supports the Fair Tax

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Mourdock Advocated For A National Sales Tax, Even Justified It By Saying “Illegal Aliens” Can’t Avoid It If They Buy Stuff. In June 2011, at a tea party event in Whitley County, Mourdock stated “But if we want to get the economy going again, if we want to be fair, what’s more fair than a consumption tax that’s managed in the right way? You know, one of the arguments right now, again I’ll use the illegal alien issue that’s out there, is these people aren’t paying any taxes. Well guess what, if there’s a consumption tax, everyone’s paying the tax, nobody gets to avoid the tax unless you don’t want to buy stuff. And that’s your choice. Wait a minute, that’s your choice. That’s called liberty isn’t it? That’s why I see that as the mode we need to go to.” [Whitley County Patriots event, 6/7/11]

Mourdock: Tax “The Consumption Of Wealth, Not The Creation Of It.”
In May 2011, Mourdock appeared at an event in Washington Township and was asked about how to grow the economy. He stated: “The other thing we have to do in addition to reducing that regulatory cost that is driving our business overseas is to change the tax structure in this country from, instead of taxing on the creation of wealth, we have to go into a more modern direction like all of the nations are who really succeeding right now, that are expanding their economies, by going to a system that’s taxing the consumption of wealth, not the creation of it. That in itself changes the way businesses look to make investment and I think it will really start to move the economy quickly. Is it going to happen again with a snap of the finger and one day we’re on a let’s tax the creation of wealth and the next day we’re going to tax the consumption of wealth, probably not. But there has to be some phase in towards that more modern system so that if people don’t want to pay their tax they don’t have to, cause they don’t buy that stuff. And the other bright part of that is, that everybody that consumes something pays something.” [Indy Defenders Of Liberty West TEA Party Event, tracking transcript, 5/23/11]

Mourdock: Tax System Must Tax Consumption, Get 47% Of People Who Don’t Pay Income Tax To Pay, Then “They Will Care” About Big Government.
In October 2011, the Indiana Tribune Star reported “Mourdock believes the tax code must be changed from a system that taxes the creation of wealth to a system that taxes its consumption. That’s important, he said, because last year, 47 percent of all American households paid no income taxes. Those who don’t pay federal income taxes don’t care about big government and the national debt, he said, ‘but if they pay part of the bill, they will care.’” [Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 10/12/2011]



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