FACT CHECK: Mourdock Wasted Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Politcally-Motivated Lawsuit

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More than 100,000 Hoosiers would be unemployed if Mourdock’s lawsuit against Chrysler had been successful.
[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 6/9/09]

Mourdock’s failed legal assault cost more than $2 million dollars in Hoosier taxpayer money.
Mourdock hired New York law firm White & Case LLP, who charged Hoosiers nearly $200,000 in additional expenses, including:

  • Copying: $16,050.00
  • Airfare: $8,722.60
  • Hotels: $10,662.82
  • Meals: $6,607.64
  • Taxis: $2,017.65
  • Travel Meals: $523.70
  • Supplies: $664.92
  • Business Meals: $301.42
  • Conference Room Dining: $582.31

[White & Case Receipts, Obtained via Open Records Request]

Before suing Chrysler, Mourdock took a deal with Chrysler and the Treasury that would have provided teachers and troopers more than what they got under the bankruptcy deal.
Mourdock agreed to the terms set by the government, then argued that he stood on principle in opposition to the Chrysler rescue. Mourdock’s hypocrisy on this issue undercuts his argument that he was standing up for the taxpayers and reveals his political motivation. [Washington Post, 6/10/09]

Chrysler has bounced back successfully.
In the second quarter of this year, Chrysler posted profits 218% over last year. Auto companies are reinvesting in plants all over the state, and having enormous economic impact on cities. More auto jobs in places like Kokomo, Greensburg, and Fort Wayne mean more families buying groceries, shopping and putting money into the local economies. [Detroit News, 7/30/12]

Chrysler just announced its best September in 5 years.
Chrysler sales in September 2012 rose 12%, based on “new models, low interest rates, and a stable US economy,” the company said. The sales chief predicted September sales for the industry would reach an annual rate of 14.9 million, making it the best month since March 2008. A total of 142,041 new Chrysler cars were sold in the United States last month. [Indianapolis Star, 10/2/12; Kokomo Tribune, 10/3/12]

Mourdock Compared Himself to Rosa Parks, Dubbed The Chrysler Lawsuit His “Rosa Parks Moment.”
In a July 2009 speech to the Crown Point Rotary Club, the Mourdock said his lawsuit on behalf of Indiana pension funds was his “Rosa Parks moment. I knew there would be consequences for taking this on.”  [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorial, 7/17/09]

Mourdock Claimed The Auto Industry Was “Not Sustainable:”
Mourdock criticized government bailouts of industries, including the automobile industry, saying the government is creating problems by “trying to sustain those who are not sustainable.” [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 5/19/09]

Mourdock compared the auto rescue to slavery.
“‘It is once again that message coming from Washington, D.C., that even people like those pensioners that I represent can work and sweat and toil and earn and save, so that someone else can be given their assets,’ Mourdock, who is currently Indiana State Treasurer, said [at a FreedomWorks event in Dallas, TX]. ‘It is the same tyrannical principle as in 1858, but now it's 2012.’” [Evansville Courier & Press, 7/27/12]



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