FACT CHECK: Romney Rolls Out ‘Lie of the Year’ For Mourdock

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly’s U.S. Senate campaign responded to Richard Mourdock’s latest ad.

“Richard Mourdock is using Republicans more popular than himself, save for Senator Lugar, to hide the fact that he would inflict his ‘my way or the highway’ opinion on Hoosiers,” said Paul Tencher, campaign manager.  “Mourdock said if he’s elected to the Senate and he’s not part of the majority, he’d refuse to do his job; rather he’d travel the country campaigning for more TEA Party senators.  Joe Donnelly prefers to act like an adult, and would work with Republicans and Democrats--a President Romney or a President Obama--to get things done for Hoosiers.”



Gov. Romney: This fall, I’m supporting Richard Mourdock for Senate. Romney refused to back Mourdock in primary. Reported MSNBC, “Mitt Romney will stay neutral in the Indiana Senate primary, one of the biggest battles in 2012 between establishment Republicans and the insurgent, conservative wing of the GOP...That schism, between the party's establishment and conservative wing, is on full display in Indiana. Tea Party groups like FreedomWorks have backed Mourdock, as did the fiscally conservative Club for Growth.
But Republicans like Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have endorsed Lugar, setting up a proxy fight between the two wings of the GOP in a couple of weeks. [MSNBC, 4/27/12]
As State Treasurer, Richard worked with Governor Daniels to balance the budget and make government more accountable... Mourdock claimed to not correspond with Governor Daniels. In denying an open records request, Mourdock said that his only communication with Daniels consisted of an annual report.  [July 25, 2012 Open Records Response]

Mourdock employed Manhattan-based White & Case LLP, which invoiced Indiana Taxpayers $2.8 Million For Legal Services. According to records provided by the Indiana State Treasurer’s office, the law firm of White & Case LLP charged $2,812,604 in attorney’s fees. The firm billed for a total of 6,878.5 hours for an average of $409 per hour. [White & Case LLP invoice to Indiana State Treasurer’s Office, 12/7/09]
...as Senator, Richard will be the 51st vote to repeal and replace government-run healthcare. Independent fact checkers have said this is the "Lie of the Year." The government is not taking over medicine, taking over hospitals or controlling doctors. Americans can stay on their employer-provided health care.  They can keep their doctors.  The ACA does not have any government-run insurance plan.  [PolitiFact, 12/16/10]
Richard will help stop the liberal Reid-Pelosi agenda. Mourdock has claimed that if in the minority, he will ignore committee assignments to campaign for other TEA Party candidates. [Indianapolis Star Editorial Board, 4/6/12]
With so much at stake, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Richard Mourdock for Senate.  



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