New Ad: Donnelly in the Hoosier Common Sense Middle

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly’s U.S. Senate campaign unveiled its latest ad highlighting Joe’s middle-of-the-road approach to working for middle class families.

“Joe Donnelly is in the Hoosier common sense middle, while Richard Mourdock favors reckless ‘my way or the highway’ partisanship,” said Elizabeth Shappell, communications director.  “Joe has a record of working across party lines to move our country forward and will stand up to China’s unfair trade policies that eliminate Hoosier jobs.  Richard Mourdock wants more, not less, partisanship and fights for tax breaks for companies that ship jobs to China.”

The ad starts running this morning on broadcast and cable across the state.  Watch the ad here.




Donnelly: Out in Washington there are politicians on the far left and on the Tea Party right who just fight.  I’m in the Hoosier common sense middle... Joe Donnelly opposed the President more than 30% of the time and broke with his party more than all but six Democrats.  [CQ Custom Member Profile, 2/2012; National Journal Vote Rankings 2011]

In January 2011, Donnelly did not vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Instead, he and 10 other Democrats voted in favor of North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler. [Roll Call, 1/05/11; Politico, 1/05/11; Indianapolis Star, 1/06/11; CQ Today, 1/05/11]
...So I joined Republicans for a balanced budget amendment... Joe Donnelly voted with Republicans to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  The Evansville Courier & Press reported that Donnelly would vote yes on the Balanced Budget Amendment, writing “U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly, the only Democratic candidate in the race, said he will be among the “yes” votes when the House on Friday takes up a constitutional amendment that would require Congress to balance the federal budget.” [Evansville Courier & Press 11/17/11] extend the Bush tax cuts... Joe Donnelly opposes allowing present tax rates to expire on any income levels.  Reported the New York Times, “Representative Joe Donnelly, a Democrat running for an Indiana Senate seat, announced Tuesday he would vote for the Republican plan to extend all the Bush-era income tax rates when it comes up in the House next week.”[New York Times, 7/24/2012]
...let’s work together to stop China's unfair trade policies.

Richard Mourdock fights for tax breaks for companies that drive jobs to China.
Mourdock signed Norquist pledge to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. According to a May 2011 press release from Americans For Tax Reform, “Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Mourdock, who is currently State Treasurer, will face off against longtime incumbent Senator Richard Lugar in the Republican primary. Lugar, who is running for his seventh term, is the Senate’s most senior Republican... ‘I want to congratulate Mr. Mourdock for taking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The American people clearly showed their displeasure in November with the tax-and-spend policies coming from Washington. They want real solutions that create jobs, cut government spending and get the economy going again,’ said Grover Norquist, president of ATR. ‘By signing the Pledge, Richard Mourdock demonstrates that he understands the problems of hard-working taxpayers nationwide, but especially the taxpayers of Indiana.’” [Americans For Tax Reform press release, 5/19/11]

Mourdock opposes cracking down on Chinese currency manipulation, an unfair practice that has cost more than 60,000 Hoosier jobs.  Mourdock supports the Wall Street front group Club for Growth’s stance on currency manipulation, flip-flopping on the issue to earn their endorsement.  Currency manipulation cost Indiana more than 60,000 jobs in between 2001 and 2010 [Economic Policy Institute, 9/20/11; Roll Call, 5/9/12]
Mourdock: Hey, Donnelly, it’s my way or the highway!

Donnelly: We need less reckless partisanship and more Hoosier common sense.
[Video of Richard Mourdock on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, 5/9/12]
I’m Joe Donnelly and I approve this message.  



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