New Donnelly Ad Highlight's Joe's Record of Fiscal Responsibility

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Indianapolis, Ind.--Today, Joe Donnelly’s campaign unveiled its latest ad featuring Joe’s wife, Jill, talking about Joe’s common sense approach to cutting spending and being a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

“Joe Donnelly has the Hoosier common sense to know that we need to cut government spending,” said Elizabeth Shappell, communications director.  “That’s why he voted to cut $2.4 trillion in spending, and that’s why he returned over $600,000 of his office budget.  He wants to keep tax rates low for everyone while our economy recovers, and he supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Richard Mourdock would rather cut Medicare while protecting tax breaks for Wall Street and big oil corporations.  Joe Donnelly is the candidate in Indiana’s U.S. Senate race who has the same approach as Hoosier families: spend less than you take in and keep an eye on every penny so we can provide for our children and grandchildren.”

The ad started running statewide on broadcast and cable this morning.  To watch the ad, click here.



Jill Donnelly: Joe voted to cut 2.4 trillion dollars in spending. The Budget Control Act reduces projected spending and interest on the debt by $917 billion, and automatic cuts will total $1.2 trillion from 2013 through 2021.  [S. 364, 2011 Roll Call #690]

In 2007 Joe voted for 22 amendments which sought to reduce new spending in those respective agencies by a total of $5,775,157,000 [2007 Roll Calls #454,456, 457, 467, 468, 520, 524, 539, 545, 571, 572, 601, 602, 659, 681, 682, 683, 709, 710, 740, 741, 742].

In 2009 Joe voted for 5 amendments which sought to reduce new spending in those respective agencies by a total of $27,163,749,000 [2009 Roll Calls #369, 502, 623, 625, 636].

In February 2009 and March 2009, Joe supported flat funding of federal agencies, cutting $32 billion in funding over 2008 levels.  [H.R. 1105 Roll Call #86]

On December 16, 2009, Joe voted against a $154 billion stimulus bill.  [2009 Roll Call #991].

In 2011, Joe voted for a series of continuing resolutions that cut $51.9 billion in current spending. [2011 Roll Call #154; 2011 Roll Call #179; 2011 Roll Call #253; 2011 Roll #268]

On December 16, 2011, Joe voted for a megabus appropriations bill that reduced spending by $6 billion from the previous year. [2011 Roll Call #941]
Jill Donnelly: Joe Donnelly joined Republicans to support a balanced budget amendment. The Evansville Courier & Press reported that Donnelly would vote yes on the Balanced Budget Amendment, writing “U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly, the only Democratic candidate in the race, said he will be among the “yes” votes when the House on Friday takes up a constitutional amendment that would require Congress to balance the federal budget.” [Evansville Courier & Press 11/17/11]
Jill Donnelly: And cut his office budget by more than $600,000. Joe Donnelly has returned more than $600,000 to the Treasury from his office budget being elected to Congress.  [, 2007-2011
Jill Donnelly: As Senator, he’ll work across party lines to extend all the Bush tax cuts so Hoosiers keep more of what they earn. Joe Donnelly opposes allowing present tax rates to expire on any income levels.  Reported the New York Times, “Representative Joe Donnelly, a Democrat running for an Indiana Senate seat, announced Tuesday he would vote for the Republican plan to extend all the Bush-era income tax rates when it comes up in the House next week.”[New York Times, 7/24/2012]
Jill Donnelly: I’m Joe’s wife, Jill Donnelly.  He watches every penny. He even insists on “fixing” our 12-year-old Jeep.  

Joe Donnelly: I’m Joe Donnelly and I approve this message, but not this radiator.  



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