New Donnelly Ad: Mourdock’s “My Way or the Highway” Approach Rejected By Voters, Paul Ryan

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Indianapolis, Ind.--This morning, Joe Donnelly’s campaign for U.S. Senate released its latest ad highlighting Richard Mourdock’s “my way or the highway” approach that’s wrong for Hoosier families.

“Not only is Richard Mourdock’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach being rejected by Indiana voters--it was directly rejected by Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan,” said Elizabeth Shappell, communications director.  “Hoosiers want a U.S. Senator who will work with others to get things done for our state and country, not the Mourdock approach that fights to eliminate Indiana jobs and thinks Social Security is unconstitutional.”

Watch the ad here.



Announcer: My way or the highway.

Mourdock: I certainly think that bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view.
[Video of Richard Mourdock on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, 5/9/12]
Woodruff: Mr. Mourdock's point is that any movement that happens should not come from Republican, but should only come from Democrat.

bLook, I obviously don't agree with that.
Huffington Post:  Paul Ryan Disagreed With Richard Mourdock’s Opposition to Compromise.  [Huffington Post, 9/5/12]
Mourdock: To me the highlight of politics, frankly, is to inflict my opinion on someone else. [Video of Richard Mourdock on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, 5/9/12]
Announcer: Mourdock attacks Social Security as unconstitutional and sued to kill Chrysler auto jobs. My way or the highway – wrong for Indiana families.

Donnelly: I’m Joe Donnelly and I approve this message.
Mourdock Challenged The Constitutionality Of Social Security, Medicare, And Medicaid. In April 2011, Mourdock spoke at a Madison Tea Party event and stated “Sixty percent of our budget, sixty percent of our budget this year, will be for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. I challenge you in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution where those so-called enumerated powers are listed. I challenge you to find words that talk about Medicare or Medicaid or, yes, even Social Security. You know, Article I, Section 8 says the U.S. government shall have the power to tax to pay off its debts, to pay for its defense, and then it says to provide for the general welfare.” [Madison IN Tea Party 4/16/11 event transcription]

Mourdock Allied With Tea Party In Pursuing Chrysler Lawsuit That Would Have Eliminated More Than 4,000 High-Paying Indiana Jobs. In 2009, Mourdock brought a lawsuit that challenged Chrysler’s bankruptcy restructuring, risking more than 4,000 high-paying Indiana jobs. Reported the Kokomo Tribune, “Allied with the Tea Party, Mourdock had fought tooth and nail to kill Chrysler's bankruptcy reorganization, preferring to see the company -- and more than 4,000 high-paying Kokomo jobs -- liquidated.” [Kokomo Tribune, 11/20/10]

Center For Automotive Research Study Found That Slowing Bankruptcy Settlement Could Endanger More Than 1 Million U.S. Jobs, Including More Than 100,000 In Indiana. Reported the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “More than 1 million U.S. jobs - and more than 100,000 in Indiana - are riding on whether the bankruptcies of Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. are quick and orderly, according to a prominent research center's study. . . . The jobs study, by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich., says that almost 250,000 U.S. jobs will be lost by 2011 if the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies go smoothly. It said Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, respectively, will be hardest hit, with 85,000 losses. But if the bankruptcies are protracted, consumers will desert the carmakers, creating massive disruptions in the supply chain and huge job losses, the study said. In Indiana, 13,000 jobs would be lost by 2011 under the best- case scenario. But if the bankruptcies become open-ended, 124,000 Hoosier jobs could be lost, the study said.” [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 6/9/09]



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