Release: Donnelly Continues Campaign Kick Off

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South Bend, Ind. -- Today, Joe Donnelly kicked off his campaign to represent Hoosier working families in the U.S. Senate at the Original Pancake House in South Bend. He was joined by five members of the community. Jason and Elizabeth Schultz, young professionals; Jerry Evin, retired teacher; Bill and Ann Voll, small business owners; and John Wegener, RV worker; shared their successes and challenges with Joe.

“I’m running for U.S. Senate to be a voice for Hoosier working families,” said Donnelly. “I’m kicking off my campaign by traveling the state, visiting the places where families make their tough decisions: kitchen tables. I often say that there is more wisdom here at home in north central Indiana than in Washington, so my campaign will continue to be about listening to the common-sense folks of this great state.”

Ann Voll, owner of Sibley Machine, said, “My husband and I currently employ five machinists and would like to double--even triple--that number, but there aren't workers available with the required skills. When I went back to work ten years ago, I attended a training program but it didn't give me enough skills. Since that time, Ivy Tech has updated their training program to better teach to employers' needs, but they don't have enough students. I've asked people applying for jobs with our company: would you be willing to retrain? We need to be in constant retraining mode."

After listening to the community members at the Original Pancake House, Joe shared his background as a resident of Northern Indiana, where he and his wife, Jill, raised their two children; as a former small business owner; and as a leader in his community. He outlined his number one priority: ensuring that every Hoosier who wants a job, has a job. Joe said there are four things he’s focused on to achieve that goal: leveling the playing field for American manufacturers, ensuring Main Street comes before Wall Street, going all-in on American energy production, and making sure huge corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

Today marks the third day of Donnelly’s statewide tour. On Monday, he visited Jeffersonville, Evansville, and Indianapolis. Yesterday, he visited Terre Haute, Lafayette, and Hammond. He will finish in South Bend, Kokomo, Muncie, and Fort Wayne today.



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