"We need some zealots"

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"Richard Mourdock embodies blind partisanship." [Editorial, Elkhart Truth, 5/4/12]

“I don’t believe we need more bipartisanship in Washington.” [Tea Party Rally, Elkhart, IN, 9/2/11]

“We need some zealots.” [GOP Straw Poll, Delaware and Henry Counties, 2/25/12]

"A hard-core ideologue." [Editorial, Indianapolis Star, 4/27/12]

“To me, the highlight of politics, frankly, is to inflict my opinion on someone else.” [Daily Rundown, MSNBC, 5/9/12]

"Mourdock would gut Medicare and education." [ABC News, 5/7/12; Editorial Board Meeting, Northwest Indiana Times, 4/28/12]

"A vote for Mourdock is a vote for continued gridlock in Congress." [Editorial, Northwest Indiana Times, 5/1/12]


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