WNDU: Donnelly talks jobs at the polls Tuesday

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The man who will square off against the winner of the GOP Senate primary, Local congressman Joe Donnelly, was at the polls bright and early today.

He got to his precinct in South Bend around 7:30am this morning with his wife.

Donnelly is the only Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate running in this year's primary.

But Donnelly says, even though he's not facing an opponent today, his message remains unchanged.

"The message is the same either way,” he said. “Which is it's important for every Hoosier to have a job and that’s what I've worked on in congress and that's what I will continue to work on, job opportunities for everybody.”

Donnelly says it's important for people to keep their faith in government, and that each person's vote is equal, regardless of the individual's background or financial standing.


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